Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mildness lingers but for how long?

The hazy mild conditions of recent will only continue but we’ll be threading the needle so to speak with a narrow ridge of higher pressure presiding over us, supplying a stagnant hazy air mass. Mild conditions are continued with patchy mid and high cloudiness. Those clouds may at times thicken up while bands of rain showers rotating around low pressure system, work up the east coast occasionally approaching the northern Green Mountains. It’s a close call with any shower activity barely reaching the region. This weather system will be overcome by a migrating frontal system that will cross the Great Lakes this weekend. This leading edge of colder air, will pretty much end our most recent mild weather, and also trigger a better chance for rain showers on Saturday.

Eventually colder air flowing in off the Great Lakes will make for “mountain snow shower activity” Sunday and last into early next week. This unsettled weather beginning this weekend, is part of a larger scale weather pattern change, but only a first step along the way to much better potential Please see graphic. It might become much more important, as jet stream energy rounds the base of a large trough of low pressure and forces the formation of a southern storm system that could pass close enough to cause snow locally toward the middle part of next week. We are looking at a more unstable and potentially snowy weather pattern to emerge for the third week of November around the 17th to 19th time frame. This window though short could bring us something a lot more important.

Roger Hill

Weathering Heights

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